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There must be puddin’ in the mix…

Written by Ben and Terra Maynes

There was this one night - at church camp…  When a young girl was stalking a young boy – wait - scratch that…  It was a young boy stalking a young girl – wait - they never told us how it really went, but I’m pretty sure Biz Markie was there. When they took that memorable picture together they had no idea they would change the course of history, or that Facebook would actually be a hit.

How will they change history you ask? Well if you do not know the answer I highly suggest you continue reading.

Fast forward to present day America: Obama is president, the elections are getting heated and Adam Sandler is still making movies.  But in one living room every few nights something much more old school is happening.  We are listening to one of the most unique duos in entertainment perform. What makes these two unique?  Only one of them has musical talent, but the other (Miss Glenda) has the most beautiful, radiating personality that makes you just want to listen to them both all night. John will sing a song then Glenda will take the show over as soon as he is done playing and all you can do is giggle!  Then John starts again and once again you are awestruck watching something truly amazing take place.  The way he crafts his music is in a hypnotic mixture that you cannot escape from.  He drags you in with the perfect hook and you feel this awesome excitement that you have to share.  Between the two of them, true happiness exudes and it’s freaking contagious.  He started out with an idea and a girlfriend and along the way he has done so much more.  He has made friends, developed a die-hard fan base and makes you believe that once again; together we can truly connect and take on the world.  I have never been so hyped about a band.  John, Glenda too, makes you want to be a part of something, something so simple that it only needs a living room as a birthplace.  So thank you John and Glenda!

Hope we get to see another “Old School Party in the Living Room” before he has “fully” replaced the Beibster.

DOWNLOAD “Old School Party in the Living Room”